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South Wales Kennel Association

September 2010

Best of Breed : Mapplewell Dancing Queen at Lascelles

Dog CC: Leiahart Chicago Bear

Reserve Dog CC: Daedalus Deacon Blue at Shacarlu

Bitch CC: Mapplewell Dancing Queen at Lascelles

Reserve Bitch CC: Cubalibre Spot On

Best Puppy: Dalimese Who's That Girl at Daedalus

Best Breeder: Whincup


Minor Puppy Dog (0,0)

No entries

Puppy Dog (4,2)

1 Lewis’s Dalpetro D'artagnan Of Hunterswood

11 month old black spotted puppy of correct size. Kindly head with the darkest of eye plus correct bite. A puppy full of substance with plenty of bone, tight feet and well trimmed nails. Moved like a puppy should around the ring with a spring in his step.

2nd Lamb’s Kalsidoni Dexter By Dalpetro

Almost 12 months old, attractive black spotted dog, well bodied, lovely head with the darkest of eye. Top line needs to develop and tail set a little high especially on the move but overall never stopped showing.

3rd Ingham’s Tamilanda Perfect Pink

Junior Dog (5,1)

1st Cliff & Hipkiss’s Boutonneux Apollo

Just 12 months old black spotted dog in excellent condition and full of high spirits. Pleasing head with correct ear carriage and correct eye colour. Nice reach of neck into a good shoulder placement, well bodied, deep chest, level top line with correct tail set. As previously mentioned just needs to settle down especially on the move.

2nd Talbot’s Winflash Wille Do It At Leaveslake

Another lovely black spotted dog of correct size and in fabulous condition. Mature for his age, well bodied and well boned. First and second I’m sure will swap places on many occasions.

3rd Whiting’s Cibrith Captain Kirk

Post Graduate Dog (4,0)

1st Burrow’s Daedalus Deacon Blue At Shacarlu

Stunning black spotted dog of correct size and proportion. Beautiful head framed by well broken ears, correct bite, full pigment and the darkest of eyes. Well bodied and full of substance, clean shoulder line which showed on move with good reach and hind quarters to match. Well deserved the RCC today.

2nd William’s Phadante Brighton Rock

Liver spotted dog with loads of attitude. Stood four square and moved with drive around the ring. Just felt that he held his tail a little high especially on the move compared to my first placing.

3rd Ingham’srisdonfarm Rocky

Limit Dog (6,0)

1st Adderley’s Leiahart Chicago Bear

I have admired this black spotted dog for sometime but never had the chance to go over him until today and to be honest he didn’t disappoint me in anyway. In first-class condition from head to toe, well balanced and moved with drive around the ring, I was quite shocked that I had awarded him his first CC, I feel possibly he has been overlooked hopefully this wont be the case in the future.

2nd Gates-Raw & Garton’s Dalendale Quiet Riot

A very handsome liver spotted dog, head a little stronger compared to the first but had a gorgeous expression, correct eye colour and full pigment. Nice reach of neck into level topline with correct tailset which was held on both the move and stand.

3rd McCarthy’s Kilndandy Old Copper

Open Dog (11,4)

1st Hartley & Griffith’s CH Creaganbrec The Favourite At Miragua JW

Handsome black spotted dog of correct size in sparkling condition, very eye-catching especially when standing. Well bodied with good spring of rib and good deep brisket, lovely front and well angulated rear which enabled him to move with drive.

2nd Goff-Leggett Washakie Nutcracker Prince JW

Another lovely champion from this well known kennel, black spotted dog with pleasing head and dark eye. Nicely marked body, good deep chest, level top line and correct tail set, moved well, just preferred the showmanship of my first placing.

3rd Quayle’s IR CH Cubalibre Top Spot ShCM


Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)

1st Petersen’s Dalimese Who's That Girl At Daedalus

8 month old black spotted bitch of correct size and proportion, gorgeous head with the most appealing dark eyes. Lovely body with plenty of bone, a joy to watch especially on the move, she has a great future ahead of her and well deserved her Best Puppy win today.

2nd Aaberg & Bradford’s Shulune Fantasy Unicorn

Just six months old black spotted bitch has alot to like about her but on the day, I felt she could of done with a little more body.

3rd Goodswen’s Tamilanda Pink Asterism From Alphadal

Puppy Bitch (3,2)

1st Goodswen Tamilanda Pink Angel From Alphadal

8 month old black spotted bitch of correct size, make and shape. Pretty head framed by well broken ears, dark eyes and correct bite. Well bodied with plenty of bone, moved in unison with her handler.

Junior Bitch (6,0)

1st Quayle’s Cubalibre Spot On

Very eye catching, quality black spotted bitch, stood out in this class, stood four square and rock steady especially standing, in fantastic sparkling condition, well balanced particularly moving. She well deserved the Reserve CC today just lost out on maturity compared to my CC winner.

2nd Goff-Leggett’s Mullabuoy Miss Chief Of Washakie JW

Another lovely black spotted bitch from this well known kennel, just such a shame she came against my first placing. Correct size and proportion throughout in first class condition, very showy standing and moved gracefully around the ring.

3rd Gibb’s Phadante Dixie Lily

Post Graduate Bitch (9,2)

1st William’s Phadante One Vision

Lovely liver spotted bitch, well boned and full of substance. I have watched this bitch from outside the ring on a many occasions she has let herself down but not today, her tail never stopped wagging. The prettiest of heads framed by well broken ears. Lovely front, good spring of rib and level top line, well angulated rear which enabled her to move effortlessly.

2nd Adderley’s Phadante Bohemian Rhapsody

I believe this is the litter sister to the first and again she showed and moved like a dream just preferred the head of my first placing but these two bitches could change places on many occasions.

3rd Saunder’s Caprilli's Genuine Gift To Dallydyl

Limit - Bitch (5,2)

1st Whincup’s Tamilanda Hot Pink

Well presented liver spotted bitch, very showy especially when standing. Slightly longer in body then my second placing but has alot to offer. Well balanced and moved in harmony around the ring with her handler.

2nd William’s Phadante Bossanova Baby

Lovely black spotted bitch with a very outgoing manner. Lovely head, good reach of neck, level top line, well bodied, moved with purpose.

3rd Cooper’s Caldecacre Couronne Under Charmindals

Open Bitch (11,2)

1st Smallwood’s Mapplewell Dancing Queeen Of Lascelles

I have judged this bitch previously and awarded her class last time, In my previous critique up I mentioned the following: Liver spotted bitch of correct size, has overall good make and shape, in superb condition, sparkling white coat with correct liver spotting. Moved in unison with handler. But on this occasion I would like to also mention that she has matured into a lovely stylish bitch and she well deserved the CC & BOB which I believe gave her her title and she was also shortlisted in the group.

2nd Cuthbertson’s Ch Kalsidoni Garnet Jw Shcm

Black spotted bitch of correct size, Lovely head with dark eye and well broken ears. Elegant reach of neck into level top line, well boned, tight cat feet and overall balance on the move. Last time I judge this bitch she wasn’t a champion, but since then she has gained her title and matured into a lovely bitch .

3rd Polhill’s Kymvale Savannah

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