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My Experience In Dogs


As previously mentioned my parents have been involved in the world of dogs since the early 1960’s and so I was lucky to be born into the well established doggy family – namely Buffrey Dalmatians.

Living in rural Worcestershire, the Dalmatians were my companions and as a child I dreamt of following my parents into the show ring.

My first dog was a whippet (at this time the Dalmatians were too strong for me to handle), after attending training sessions, I had much success with my whippet, the most memorable was winning Best Puppy in Show at a two day Open Show. From then on I graduated to handling the Dalmatians on behalf of my parents.

I have handled 10 Dalmatians in the show ring, gaining CC’s with them all with a total of 67, I have also handled my parents and my own Shiba Inu’s gaining many awards including RCC’s.

I have also handled in the U.S.A., Germany and Australia.

I started judging Dalmatians in 1984 and I awarded my first set of CC’s in 1996 at Bournemouth Championship Show. All in all I have awarded 10 sets of CC’s the last being at Birmingham National Championship Show in 2014 and I judged Japanese Shiba at Cruft in the same year. My next judging appointment for Dalmatians will be Crufts in 2018

I have also been very lucky and judged twice in Germany and in 2006 I was invited to judge for The Dalmatian Club Of South Australia National Show.

I also judge Akita’s, Keeshonds, Japanese Spitz plus other breeds within the Utility Group but only at Open Show level.

I am on the A1 judging list for the British Dalmatian Club, Dalmatian Club Of Scotland and the North Of England Dalmatian Club. I am also a member of the Kennel Club and an Assured Breeder.

I met my husband Martin in 1998 and we married in 2000, he enjoyed the Dalmatians as much as I do but unfortunately he passed around in April 2017. leaving us fair too soon but I'm sure he is looking down upon us and watching our achievements with proud.

My parents made me a partner in the Buffrey affix in 2008 for my 40th Birthday Present, since Dalmatians are a very big part of my life, I can often be seen around the show ring campaigning my show dogs.



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