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Dalmatian Of The Year 2010


Buffrey Gift Wrapped JW (Cracker) won Puppy Of The Year at the North Of England Dalmatian Of The Year

Held at The Holiday In At Doncaster

On January 2010


Judges: (left to right)

Miss Jackie Kitchener

Mrs Peggy Bailey

Mrs Pat Wilson

This year’s Dalmatian of The Year will be a day both Martin and I won’t forget in a hurry. Having attended and taken part in the event many times over the years; this is the first time I have ever won top honors.

Well this year I qualified my puppy Buffrey Gift Wrapped or Cracker to her friends. In my wildest of dreams I never would have dreamt that Cracker and I would end up in the final, since the competition was to a high standard. But Cracker showed her heart out and when our number was announced, the shock on my face said it all; the room irrupted with everyone cheering and clapping. I have to admit I had tears in my eyes, my home bred puppy was announced as The Dalmatian Puppy of the Year.

Lord Kirkham stepped across and handed me the beautiful silver trophy along with a bottle of Champagne (which I must say went down very well) a glass engraved trophy plus Crackers medal.

It was just such a shame that my parents couldn’t attend this year due to poor health but as you can imagine they were over the moon when I telephoned them with the news.

I would like to send my thanks to everyone who came up to Martin and I and congratulated us both on the win and we in turn would like to send out thanks to the North Of England Dalmatian Club for putting on such a lovely event and may it continue for many years to come.

A day not to be forgotten for a long time; now we are getting ourselves ready for Crufts; we can only go with hope in our heart but I know Cracker won’t let me down, since she is my super star !!!


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