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CH Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW

Pet Name: Seb

Co-Owned By Myself & Miss Stevie Baker

Born: 30 March 2015

Show Critiques:

Driffield Show - Judge Ernie Paterson

1st in Minor Puppy & Puppy & Best Puppy Dog

Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, an exciting prospect to start off with, black at his first show & looked the part. Still raw of course but bone on for size, deep pigment & bold spotting. Lovely expression. Well off for bone & great feet, firm topline & tail right off back. Excellent quarters & very positive on the move. BPD, one to watch

South Wales KC - Judge Albert Wright

2nd In Minor Puppy & 1st In Puppy Dog

Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, another rather classy looking youngster which also has promise. He too is a good size with a very nice head, eyes & expression. He has just about enough neck, is well bodied & angulated, especially in hindquarters. Shown in gleaming coat he moved around the ring with some style but not quite with the steady precision of the winner

Midland Counties - Judge Christine Lewis

1st in Minor Puppy & Puppy & Best Puppy Dog

Mature dog, well balanced with strong bone, good topline held well on the move, correct bold b/s

North Of England Dalmatain Club Open Show - Judge Mike Gilchrist

1st in Minor Puppy, Novice & Maiden Dog

Very promising 7 mth old, which as he stands at present, presents a good outline, but obviously for his age he has much maturing to do. Good width to skull without being coarse, clearly masculine, good balance to skull and muzzle. Possesses the depth to the chest needed for this breed and is nicely ribbed back and topline is as it should be. Pleases on the move, but has not quite got the control of his movement at all times, can be a shade over enthusiastic, very much a baby at present but I was left in no doubt that he should mature in to a very eye catching adult

BUBA - Judge Mr M Cleland

1st Minor Puppy & Puppy Dog

This puppy set the standard of the day, gentle expression, conformation showed fit for purpose. Correct angulation, balanced with level topline & great tailset, moved smoothly with free flowing drive from rear, striking white & dense black decoration, showed tremendous promise of things to come. BPD


Boston - Judge Time Ball

2nd in Puppy

Another very nice black & close up to the winner. Undoubtedly male yet retaining elegance. Strong neck of good length, well defined withers, level topline, good depth of brisket & nice strong loin. Well constructed with well laid shoulders, elbows held close to the body, straight well boned forelegs, good feet & well muscled hindquarters of correct angulation. Excellent spotting on a pure white ground colour. Nicely proportioned head with dark eyes & ears framing face. Moving cleanly all through but felt the winner just had the edge in profile action

Manchester - Judge Mr H Ogden

1st Puppy Dog + Best Puppy In Breed + Group 4 In Group

9 months, loved his head & eye, such striking spotting on pure white ground, clean front, balanced angles, cat feet, capacious body. Then he moved! Here was real use of hocks to propel himself forward with long, smooth strides & maintaining a classic outline. One surely destined to take on the best. BP & puppy group 4th placing; 


BDC Open Show - Judge: Eric Russell

1st Puppy Dog + Best Puppy Dog

10 month Black dog with strong black markings on pure white coat. Excellent front, giving plenty of chest room and moved with drive keeping level top line on the move. Good bend of stifle Best Puppy Dog


Joint Dalmatian Club Champ Show - Judge: Theresa Gardinor

1st In Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy In Show

A striking black spotted dog with good pigmentation, lovely head with a kind expression and correct ear carriage. He has a good reach of neck into well defined withers and level topline, overall a lovely outline. On the move he covered the ground well with good even strides but he did carry his tail a little high on the move. Best Puppy Dog. 


Crufts 2016 Judge: Sharon Ridgway


Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW

Won BEST PUPPY IN BREED at Crufts 2016

Proudly owned by Myself, Martin & Miss Stevie Baker 


1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed

A young b/s boy with a very bright future, expertly handled, very attractive head framed by lovely ears, nice reach of neck, correct top line, deep brisket , showed his socks off did not disappoint on the move. Pleased to award Best Puppy in Breed.

Birmingham National 2016 Judge: Miss A Ingram

1st Junior Dog

loved the overall style & balance of this dog, with his lovely head & expression, nice width of skull, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders & short back, strong hindquarters which he uses so well on the move, wish he didn't carry his tail so high but he moves so well covering the ground easily. He's a star;

Scottish Kennel Club 2016 Judged by Andrew Brace

2nd Junior Dog

13 months, no mistaking his sex & in pristine condition. Masculine head but in no way coarse, slightly darker eye would enhance expression. A little softer in topline than 1 & needs to develop in forechest as he should with maturity. Moves with great power, slightly high tail carriage; 

Bath Ch Show Judge: Mrs Elaine Tillson

2nd Junior Dog

food deep b/s, lovely dark eye. Shorter coupled than 1 & heavier in shoulder. Excellent bone, level topline with correct tailset but for some reason he was tending to carry his tail high on the move. Well handled

Southern Courties Judge Mr Jeff Horswell

1st Junior Dog and RCC

masculine dog with elegance. Correct proportions. Fair length of neck, could be cleaner over the shoulders. Good legs & feet. Well sprung rings carried back to a short loin. Form topline. Well angulated & muscled up rear. Very good mover, could carry his tail lever so slightly lower. One of the better fronts

Three Counties Judge Mrs L Moore

3rd In Junior

Border Union Judge John McCarthy

3rd Junior Dog

Dalmatian Club Of Scotland Judge Bill Deamer

1st Junior Dog

B/w –Masculine boy with super dark eye. Clean black spotting on a pure white coat. Well off for bone and a level topline with correct tailset, which he held on the move once he had settled. Well developed hind quarters and good lay of shoulder.Tight feet with strong pasterns. Moved with drive.

Blackpool Judge Mrs A Smith

1st Junior Dog, Best Junior & 3rd In The Junior Group

striking b/spot, nice head & expression good length of neck, level topline with good turn of stifle, covered the ground well. Excellent coat condition

Windsor Judge Margaret Cuthburtson

1st Junior Dog

Deeply pigmented black. Shown in excellent condition. A happy showman. Masculine head with dark eyes and well set ears. Reachy neck into good lay of shoulders. Level topline, still has time to mature and body up, good width to thigh and turn of stifle. Strode out with a long stride.

East Of England Judge Barry Day

1st Junior Dog & DCC


1 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, a beautifully balanced dog who showed his socks off & moved soundly. Quality head with a lovely expression, & a nicely arched neck that flowed well through the shoulders into a good topline. Good depth of body with nice tight elbows. Nicely muscled quarters with a good second thigh, well let down hocks & good tight feet. Well marked, he filled the eye both standing & on the move & while he is still to fulfil his full potential, I felt he deserved the CC today

Leeds Judge Pat Wilson

1st Junior Dog

A very showy dog with deep pigment, good bone ,well filled front and deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room. His topline is firm with the correct slight rise over his loin. He has a masculine head without any coarseness. On the move he used his well developed hindquarters to drive around the ring

Paignton Judge Ed Casey

2nd Junior Dog

Stronger more masculine dog black spotted dog, boldly marked, strong in back skull & a little heavy in ears. Pleasing eye shape & colour, lip line could be tighter. Strong neck, excellent bone & feet, moderately angulated front, body of enough depth, well ribbed short strong loin, strong well developed quarters with second thigh well developed

Bournmouth Judge Mark Coccozza

1st Junior Dog & DCC

excellent & exciting dog, super clean outline, excellent balance& construction, good head, eye & ears, excellent neck, shoulders & topline, excels on the move in profile. Just needs to tighten up with age but outstanding young dog; 


WKC Judge Sarah Dandy

1st Junior Dog

Stylish youngster with attractive B/W spotting and presented in a fit, honed condition. Took my eye and commanded the ring with his confident ring presence. Standing over a lot of ground but presenting a clean outline with lots to like. Delightful masculine head with good skull proportions, ear set and pigmentation. A reach of neck flowing into an excellent clean wither and firm topline. Has a good length of body with strong loin, balanced well angulated quarters, standing on good legs and feet with strong pasterns and well let down hocks used to effect on the move. Impressive mover with plenty of forward reach and drive covering the ground effortlessly. A real showman who makes the most of himself. Pushed my top winners hard today, extremely close decision. 

City Of Birmingham Judge Mr A Easdon

2nd Junior Dog

Richmond Judge Mrs Donna Whincup

1st Junior Dog

Crisp white coat with the blackest spots, Ghost face with a coal black eye, dark ears framed his well balanced head, Great length to his neck, in to shoulders well laid back, elbows tight to his chest, would like a little more width to his brisket, straight front legs sat on good cat feet ,topline straight and strong, with tail on the stand straight off his back, hocks well let down, moved free and handled to perfection, when he matures I am hoping he will carry his tail a little lower when on the move as this spoils his over all line. 

Darlington Judge Mr W McKay

1st Junior Dog

nice head, good eye colour, nice reach of neck, good front, moved well with good length of stride, well handled & presented, lots to like about this dog, will do well in the future

Belfast Judge Dianna Spavin

1st Junior Dog

Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club Show Judge Sue Parkin-Russell

1st Junior Dog

Driffield Judge Mrs Lesley Butler

1st Junior Dog

flashy black full of himself today. Nice head shape, dark eyes & good ear carriage. Liked his front & upper arm placement. Tended to over stretch a bit but a great showman moved well; 

SWKA Judge Mr Espen Engh DVM

Res Limit Dog

Midland Counties Judge Mrs Chris Pickup

2nd Yearling Dog

British Dalmatian Ch Club Show Judge Cathie McCarthy

1st Yearling Dog

b/s enthusiastic showman which can mean he stands over extended. Has a good front & well boned down to good feet, nice head shape & ear carriage, clean wither, good topline & neat tuck up. Classy mover; 

BUBA Judge Mr S Harrison-Stratford

1st Yearling Dog

a dog with large black spots on a completely white background. Nice head with good ear placement & dark eye. Tapered neck of good length & nice wither. A level topline with tight feet. Moved out well. 

LKA Judge Mrs J Saunders

1st Yearling Dog

Super b/s boy fills the eye when standing. Bold dense spots. Handsome head. Moved out with a rhythmic stride. 


Boston Judge Carol Harwood

1st Yearling Dog + CC + BOB 



just what I was looking for. Has excellent ring presence and commands you to look at him,, excels in breed type without anything being extreme which gives him great balance throughout, he has a super head and dark expressive eyes, great pigmentation, arched neck set into well laid shoulders, strong body of good depth with firm topline which he held on the move, correct angulation front and rear, in superb muscular condition, quality bone and standing on thick well knuckled feet, lovely spotting, moved soundly and covered the ground effortlessly. Expertly handled and I was delighted to award him his qualifying third CC & later BOB.

Manchester Judge Dr James

1st Limit Dog

Correctly constructed example of the breed, symmetrical in outline, masculine build and appearance, balanced head, intelligent expression, pleasing body proportions, good fill of fore chest, elbows well set under body, well ribbed, strong loin, level top line, pleasing croup and tail set, gave a good account of himself on the move. 

Joint Dalmatian Club Judged by Diane Dinsdale

1st Yearling Dog

Very flashy black. Compact and showy. Good depth of chest . Tremendous depth of colour carried through his coat. Kind in head and well carried ears. A real showman and handled to advantage

Crufts 2017 Judged by Rob Sansom

1st Yearling Dog

this 23mth B/S was one of the contenders in the challenge, he is a great size and has the most lovely head , scores in neck and front, great bone and substance, he has a very balanced outlook , his coat was in pristine condition and well decorated, a very sound mover , quality all through.

WELKS 2017 Judged by Mrs Shelagh Stevenson

VHC Open Dog

Birmingham National 2017 Judged by Mr Peter Swinburn

2nd Open Dog

not the quality of 1 but still a good dog, fair head, good eye, nice ears, adequate reach of neck, nice shoulder placement, good topline lighter boned on front end, short in forearm & narrower, adequate bend of stifle, lacked drive on the move

SKC May 2017 Judged by Mr D Robbins

4th Open Dog

Bath 2017 Judged by Mary Sparks

3rd Open Dog

Southern Counties 2017 Judged by Mr M Mahonen

2nd Open Dog + RCC

Three Counties 2017 Judged by Mrs J Christie

2nd Open Dog

Very striking male with the whitest coat and the darkest pigment demanding my attention in the ring. Masculine head with dark eye and alert expression. Lovely arched neck into well laid back shoulder and good front, excellent depth of chest with firm topline and well let down hocks. Good muscle tone, and correct angulation front and rear creating strong powerful movement. 

Dalmatian Club of Scotland 2017 Judged by Mrs L Suggett

2nd Open Dog

Eye-catching b/w with real depth of pigmentation. Attractive head into elegant neck. Dark eyes and well carried ears giving intelligent expression. Stood four square with clean lines throughout. Moved effortlessly with a long stride. Handled quietly but effectively to display all of his virtues. Close up for reserve certificate.

Border Union 2017 Judged by Dr W Gardner

4th Open Dog

East of England 2017 Judged by Miss Fiona McVicar

3rd Open Dog

Leeds 2017 Judged by Mrs P L Dickson

2nd Open Dog and RCC

eye catching, handsome young dog. Jet black markings on a pure white coat, lovely head with super dark eyes. Good front & rear assembly, well let down hocks & moved with drive. A worthy champion, not yet 2 ½ yrs, I still think he has to reach his full potential. 

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association 2017 Judged by Mrs J Peak

VHC Open Dog

Bournemouth Canine Association 14th Aug 2017 Judged by Mr E Paterson

2nd Open Dog & RCC

Close up, always liked this male, a real glamour boy with a lovely head and eye, just feel he needs more time to blow his ribs and mature. RCC. 

The Welsh Kennel Club 2017 Judged by Martin Freeman

1st Open Dog

Lovely head and expression, dark eye, excellent topline, good front, unfortunately was not moving so well in the challenge.

City of Birmingham 2017 Judged by Mr Jackie Stubbs

1st Open Dog- CC + BOB + Group 2


Richmond 2017 Judged by Naomi Forrest

4th Open Dog

Darlington 2017 Judged by Hazel Chance

3rd Open Dog

Driffield 2017 Judged by Mrs A C Stubbs

1st Open Dog + DCC + BOB


South Wales 2017 Judged by Mrs I Hernandez

3rd Open Dog

Midland Counties 2017 Judged by Alan Beeston

2nd Open Dog

Another qualtity black dog demonstrating what our Breed Standard is all about. Good head with nice dark eye, elegant reach of neck down to well defined withers, level topline with correct tailset. Good front and rear with plenty of muscle but no coarseness. Strong round bone and deep chest. Another dog which moved with ease and drive. Not overdone in any way

British Dalmatian Club Championship 2017 Judged by Malcolm Smith

4th Open Dog

BUBA 2017 Judged by Mrs Gail Levy

VHC Open Dog


Judge: Liz Stannard

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